Most common strings?

Michael Bauer fios at
Thu Apr 11 15:03:17 UTC 2013

Hi Ask,

Ah that was helpful actually. We're already over on GNOME - don't think 
there's anyone on KDE (we just don't have the people) but I didn't know 

You're right of course - we only want to focus on the bits which give us 
Ubuntu, other stuff like LO or Firefox is handled elsewhere. Talk about 
a minefield though, wish there was a map!



11/04/2013 15:52, sgrìobh Ask Hjorth Larsen:
> Hi Michael
> Please remember if you fix errors in e.g. GNOME or KDE to propagate
> those fixes to the upstream GNOME and KDE teams, and other upstreams
> like etc. that are not too exotic to locate; in
> fact the easiest way would be to apply fixes directly upstream and
> wait for the strings to propagate to Ubuntu.
> The first one or two pages on the Launchpad listing contain many
> Ubuntu-only modules for which this is not necessary, for example the
> installers.  These are probably considered so important in Ubuntu
> because they are Ubuntu-only, whereas almost all the programmes a
> couple of pages down the list have a separate translation team in
> charge somewhere on the internet.
> Best regards
> Ask

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