Offline Nightmonkey - Version 0.9

Pierre Slamich pierre.slamich at
Thu Apr 11 14:22:42 UTC 2013

Hi all,
following feedback on the spreadsheet to search in the DDTP, I've turned it
into a tool.
It's a rather heavy file (17 MB for ODS, 30MB for XLS) called Offline
Nightmonkey, as a tribute to the original Nightmonkey (which is being
reworked to bypass the Launchpad timeout bug).

The new features are:
- added language selection (you select your language and the url are
customized on the fly)
- added data tabs for easy update (you copy paste a dump from poedit in the
hidden tabs and everything updates automagically)
- consolidated main, multiverse and universe

Due to weird corruption and performance issues, there's a LibreOffice copy
and Excel copy. Choose whichever is faster on your LibreOffice install.
If you're running into performance issues, you can copy values in the
Main-DDTP, Multiverse-DDTP and Universe-DDTP tabs.

Tip: you can either click on the individual links or use an extension to
mass open the links (eg.

Tip: To launch the po export for your language, you need to go to


Pierre Slamich
pierre.slamich at
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