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Thu Apr 11 13:05:39 UTC 2013

Al 11/04/13 14:17, En/na Michael Bauer ha escrit:
> Is there a list of the modules which are most commonly seen in the UI?
> I'm working on a big proofreading of our locale (on Launchpad) but
> there's a lot and although it says it orders them by importance, there
> seem to be a lot of install strings right at the top and it's hard to
> figure out which module gives you what in the UI. Is there such a list?
> Michael

Hi Michael,

The list of translatable templates (which for most cases corresponds to
the list of applications) [1] is ordered in terms of those we consider
most important (i.e. visible) to translate, according to these rules:

Technically, there is no way that's been implemented to automatically
find out the most visible strings in Ubuntu, which is why we came up
with manual priorities, set by our experience in translating those

The list might not be perfect, but it works well for our purposes.
Priorities can be edited in Launchpad, so if you or anyone else sees any
that might need tweaking, you can mention it on the list or ping me or
anyone else in the Translations Coordinators team [2], and we can change
it in a matter of minutes.

As you're correcly saying, the installer templates are at the top of the
list, but if you're only interested in proofreading the UI, you can just
skip those.

Let me know if this helps.


David Planella
Ubuntu App Development Liaison / @dplanella /

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