Chrome on Launchpad?

Michael Bauer fios at
Tue Apr 9 14:27:35 UTC 2013

Chrome is the version of Chromium as packaged by Google. I believe there 
are minor differences between the two but nothing major. I have been 
test running the Chromium nightly for the last 2 weeks and can't see 
much of a difference to be honest from the end user POV.

All the best in your exams! I'm sure that after waiting 3 years it can 
wait a bit longer and maybe some other folk would be interested too in 
making a decent version of Chromium available on Mac/Windows too.


09/04/2013 15:20, sgrìobh Jonathan Aquilina:
> I am more then willing to help and I was thinking on the translation 
> front some how integrating pootle into the whole mess for 
> translations. thing is I cannot work on this right now sadly as I am 
> gearing up for exams. :(
> what is the difference between chromium and chrome?

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