Welcome to "Tajik Ubuntu Localization" team

Victor Ibragimov victor.ibragimov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 20:25:30 UTC 2013

Dear list,


My name is Victor Ibragimov, a professional translator and coordinator for
many projects like KDE, Gnome, Fedora, openSuse, Mandriva, PC-BSD,
LibreOffice and many others.

I would like to announce that the "Tajik Ubuntu Localization" team was
assigned to manage Tajik translation for Ubuntu, and I am a
coordinator/translator of this team

to help with Tajik translation on both Launchpad and Upstreams.


Below are the links for translators and coordinators interested to learn
more about the team:

Team's Home Page: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-tgk

Translation Guidelines of the Tajik Ubuntu Localization Team at:

Translatable templates:


I hope you all have a great time with helping the Ubuntu be available in
over 160 languages.



Victor Ibragimov



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