DDTP Updates thanks to Michael and William

Redmar redmar at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 3 07:03:45 UTC 2013

Thats great news, well done!

Pierre Slamich schreef op di 02-04-2013 om 21:27 [+0200]:
> Hi, 
> As you might have noticed, the DDTP have been refreshed from Debian
> thanks to mvo. Typos fixed upstream should have disappeared, new
> packages descriptions should have appeared and deprecated packages
>  descriptions should have disappeared. That means a lot of new strings
> to translate, and hopefully less bugs.

@mvo: Are the packages now also sorted according to their popcon value?
I've branched the code used to generate the pot files a while ago and
added my popcon script, but I've been unable to verify it works properly
because I don't know the full workflow. Can you take a look at it?

I'll be happy to try and fix any bugs you might run in to.

Thanks again!


> As an addition, a fix will land in Launchpad later this week which
> should solve the problem of strings not being exported to the po file.
> It might enable a couple of things that you might like...(Teasing)
> Finally, we're also started talking with Debian to see if it is
> possible to bring back translations upstream. On this point, we need a
> technical champion to script the bridge back to Debian. 
> sincerely,
> Pierre

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