Not translatable string "Checking for updates" in Update center

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Sep 25 07:10:19 UTC 2012

Al 24/09/12 23:07, En/na Ibrahim Saed ha escrit:
> 2012/9/24 David Planella <david.planella at
> <mailto:david.planella at>>
>     Thanks a lot Igor, that is really helpful for tracking and fixing
>     the bug.
>     To everyone: please if you see untranslatable strings or translations
>     that are not loaded, do report them as bugs against the relevant
>     package. If you don't know which package, use ubuntu-translations and
>     we'll figure out which one it is. You can simply do the following on the
>     command line to report a bug:
>         ubuntu-bug ubuntu-translations
>     Thanks!
> Hi David,
> I need to report a bugs against these strings:
> "Ubuntu One" in System Settings and Dash
> "Welcome to Ubuntu 12.10" in ubiquity
> "k" that refer to Kilo in Software Updater
> You say that we can use the following command line:
>     ubuntu-bug ubuntu-translations
> But when I run it in Terminal or (Alt+F2), that tell me:
> "ubuntu-translations package not found."
> Can you please report these bugs? 

Hi Ibrahim,

Sorry, that was my mistake. You're right, you can only use the
'ubuntu-bug' command line tool when reporting a bug against the package.

So please let me correct what I was stating in my previous e-mail:

- If you know the package affected, use:

    ubuntu-bug <package-name> (*)

- If you don't know the package affected, use:

Thanks and sorry again for the confusion.


(*) If you do this, it's also recommended that you open a bug task for
the ubuntu-translations project as well: by clicking the 'Also affects
project' link, and then entering 'ubuntu-translations' as a project. If
there is another project already set for the bug, simply click again on
the 'Choose another project' link.

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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