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Together with the notification by Olli to ubuntu-devel[0], I wanted to let the Docs and Translations teams know of a new package proposal for Quantal: unity-lens-shopping[1].

This package provides the "More suggestions" feature to the Dash (during home screen search) and has a translation impact of six additional strings. The package should be ready for translations, please let me know if there are any mistakes in the project etc. I have also spoken to David Planella and hopefully have added the right details to the MIR/FFe[2].

Documentation wise, I believe discussions are in progress with Jeremy and some help is available from our side to try and ease the burden of this landing so late.

On that last point, and just like the email to you guys from John a couple days back, I apologise for how late this is landing and I know it means you cannot provide the level of quality you normally do. It is unacceptable and we will try our hardest to avoid having the same issues for 13.04.

[1] h (

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