UIFE Request: Rename "Print Settings" to "Printers"

Redmar redmar at ubuntu-nl.org
Thu Sep 20 13:21:39 UTC 2012

Jeremy Bicha schreef op do 20-09-2012 om 08:43 [-0400]:
> On 20 September 2012 03:35, Redmar <redmar at ubuntu-nl.org> wrote:
> > I'm not sure it would be a good idea to change this in ubuntu. First of
> > all it would mean extra work for translators and the documentation team
> > quite late in this cycle. Furthermore, that string was changed upstream
> > on request of one of the Dutch translators (it used to be 'printing',
> > which without context got translated to 'busy printing', which looked
> > very silly).
> > Even if there is a UIFE for this, please do request an upstream change
> > as well so translations can be shared between upstream and ubuntu.
> Yes, it is "Printing" in Ubuntu 12.04. Is "Printers" clear enough too?
> That's what already being using in gnome-control-center (as seen if
> you run GNOME Shell).

"Printers" would be fine as a title, especially if that is already used

> I'll contact upstream as well.
> It is no extra work for docs. Since the name did change & I'm
> proposing something different than 12.04, I have to update the docs
> regardless. I understand that it is extra work for translators but I
> hope it isn't too much. Either way, I'll follow the translators'
> decision and I won't be upset if my request isn't approved.
> Jeremy

I cannot speak for all translators, but if it's just a single string
that is changed I don't think it is a big problem for us. Thanks for
also suggesting this change to upstream!

Ubuntu Dutch Translators

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