UIFe: Checkbox header image is wrong

Daniel Manrique daniel.manrique at canonical.com
Tue Sep 11 13:32:08 UTC 2012


I'm writing again to request a UI Freeze Exception for checkbox. Currently
checkbox in Ubuntu has a wrong header image as can be seen here:


We'd like to replace it with this, which is present in the development version
but got left behind during a merge due to an oversight (apologies):


This new header image works better with the default Ubuntu theme and also takes
care of usability concerns, where testers were unsure if the "icons" on the old
header image are clickable.

No translatable strings are involved or changed; the "system testing"  string on
the right is already in the .pot file and didn't change. Also there's no change
to checkbox's functionality.

The corresponding bug report is this one:



- Daniel

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