[FFe/UIFe] Fixing bug 713423: Unity launcher gets cluttered when having multiple partitions and/or external volumes attached

Andrea Azzarone azzaronea at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 12:13:21 UTC 2012

2012/9/11 Andrea Azzarone <andyrock at ubuntu.com>:
> Hi all,
> We have a change in trunk which changed the way Unity handles file system icons.

We have a change *that has gone in trunk* which...

> Copy pasted from bug report #713426:
> 1) It should be possible to remove specific file system icons from the
> Launcher by un-checking the “Unlock from Launcher” option (or dragging
> to the trash).
> 2) In the case of non-removable file systems, the system should
> remember these settings so that rebooting will not return these icons
> to the Launcher.
> 3) In the case of removable file systems (USB keys, SD cards, etc...),
> if a removable file system is removed and then re-attached it should
> re-appear in the Launcher. If the removable file system is not removed
> and the user has removed it's icon from the Launcher, the icon should
> not return to the Launcher even if the computer is re-booted.
> 4) All 'specific file system' icons that the user has removed from the
> Launcher should be displayed in the Dash file Lens in the “Favourite
> Folders/Folders” category. This allows the user to re-add these icons
> to the Launcher at a later date.
> Also we removed the ccsm option "Device Options".
> Cheers,
> Andrea

Andrea Azzarone

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