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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Nov 26 10:44:43 UTC 2012

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On 26.11.2012 11:43, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> in the last two cycles the Community Council met councils and boards to
> regularly check in with them as part of the CC meeting. It's a great
> opportunity to get together and see how we are doing in the Ubuntu
> community.
> At UDS we got the request to include flavours, after UDS we decided we
> wanted to reach out to the Docs and Translations teams too, as they are
> all very important teams in Ubuntu.
> The times we had in mind are (CC meeting time, 17 UTC):
>  20.12.2012 Forums & Translations team
>  07.02.2013 DMB & Docs team
> Thanks for your great work.
> If you have any questions, just let us know.
> Have a great day,
>  Daniel

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