More webapps SRUs for i18n

David Planella david.planella at
Mon Nov 5 10:49:32 UTC 2012

Hi translators,

Thanks to all of you who tested the Stable Release Update (SRU) to
improve webapps internationalization suppport in the call for help I
sent out yesterday.

There are a couple of additional bugs that were fixed a while ago and
that have now landed in quantal-proposed. With these, we'll be able to
have full i18n support for webapps. Now I'd like to ask you again for
your help in testing them so that they can be released into quantal-updates.

The steps are the same as for any other SRU verification:

1. Enable the quantal-proposed repository from Software Sources
2. sudo apt-get update
3. sudo apt-get install <package-you-are-verifying>
4. Restart Firefox
5. Test as instructed on the bug report
6. Add feedback to the bug report and change the tag from
'verification-needed' to 'verification-done' if successful. Otherwise,
if verification was not successful, change the tag to 'verification-done'.

Here are the 2 bugs to verify:

For the unity-firefox-extension package ("Translations for the webapps
installation prompt are not loaded"):


For the libunity-webapps package ("«Open a new window» quicklist menu
entry translations are not loaded"):


Thanks again!


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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