Testing the translation and locating the bug source

Eagle Burkut eagle.burkut at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 23:20:56 UTC 2012

Dear All,

I am an Ubuntu translator. For most of the translatable templates, I can
test my translation locally, just converting the PO files into MO files and
copying the files onto a running Ubuntu system. Unfortunately, for other
couple of templates such as "bootloader", "debian-installer", and
"ubiquity-???", I can not find an easy way to test it locally. The only way
I can test them now is I have to download the daily build release ISO CD
file and install it on a virtual environment. When I find a translation bug
on screen, I still have difficulty locating the bug source (the exact
string) in the original PO template files.

Now I have 2 questions:

(1) Is there any easier way to test the "bootloader", "debian-installer",
and "ubiquity-???" templates, without downloading the daily live CD release?

(2) When testing the translation, is there any way to locate the
translation bug in the source template PO files? I mean, for a given screen
element already translated, how can I know which PO files it originally
come from and from which lines?

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