UI freeze exception request for 2 Ubuntu One packages

Tom Davies tomdavies04 at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi :)
Ok, apparently, according to the link you gave you can use standard 'English' fonts and keyboards, more precisely a "Latin" font&keyboard.  See about halfway down this link
There appear to be a number of different language codes but i guess the rw_RW is probably the best one?  

I still couldn't see a team listed at 
Going back to the list describing  how to create a team, near the bottom of the page 
it says 

 Application. Once all points have been checked, simply file a support request briefly explaining how you addressed all of the points above 
the clickable link "file a support request" takes you to this very generic form

I think you need to fill it in and answer each of their questions, point-by-point, so just copy&paste your previous reply to me but modify it to make the point about fonts&keyboard being standard "Latin".  Also my 3a is probably better for them as it gives a link so that they can check the truthfulness of my statement easily without having to understand anything about the language or anything.  

I think that is the next step, "file a support request", perhaps give it a subject-line such as 
"support request to create team for rw_RW, Kinyarwanda"
just to make it easy for the triagers to file it quickly and properly without them having to read the contents.

I'm guessing you have probably done most of this before but collecting the relevant info together in the support request and posting the request again might catch them at a moment when they are less distracted with other issues or it might be easier for them to understand this time.  Sometimes you have to repeat the same thing several times before people notice and that is probably true in Ubuntu too.  

Regards from
Tom :)

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From: Emmanuel Habumuremyi <emmahab2008 at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: UI freeze exception request for 2 Ubuntu One packages
To: "Tom Davies" <tomdavies04 at yahoo.co.uk>
Cc: "David Planella" <david.planella at ubuntu.com>, ubuntu-translators at lists.ubuntu.com
Date: Tuesday, 6 March, 2012, 10:07

Great Tom! 1. That's true. I have not found any team on Kinyarwanda to join.2. About 11 million people speak Kinyarwanda in Rwanda, but current estimation says that more than 20 million can understand Kinyarwand (Southern Uganda, Western Tanzania, Eastern Kongo Kinshasa and the whole Burundi).
3.a) Yes, Steve Murphy was the active person on Ubuntu and its related issues. I know him, he was in Rwanda for some time in the past. b) I think the keyboard by Steve can be considered. Apart from that, Kiswahili one if exists can be almost similar to Kinyarwanda one.
c) I am not sure whether there are specific fonts for Kinyarwanda. NEXT STEP... I have already created a team for Kinyarwanda and I will do my best to invite other people to join. I was wondering whether you could allow me work on translation. It is still closed for me.
 Regards, Emmanuel Habumuremyi

 On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 8:58 PM, Tom Davies <tomdavies04 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Hi :)
So i guess that you have already 
1.  hunted around to see if there is an existing team already doing the translations and found none?  I didn't find one at 

I looked for Rwanda and Kinyarwanda and neither currently exists.  

2.  12million people speak Kinyarwanda according to wikipedia
so it's real in the world today spoken by people naturally in their daily lives.  

3.  Locale, keyboards and fonts.
     a)  A local was created by Steve Murphy and Mr. Safali in 2004,  rw_RW

     b)  I'm not sure if you have a
 different keyboard or can use an existing one that is close enough to what you need?
     c)  Is there a font that people will recognise and is comparable to written Kinyarwanda?

So, the next step is to create a new team

You have to decide whether to call the name by the name of the language or the name of the country(s) where is is most widely spoken.  I think people generally pick the name of the language.  

It might seem stupid to have to create a team when you know that you are going to be the only person in the team but that is the required next step before doing translations.  Also you might find other people join the team unexpectedly which help.  

Regards from
Tom :)

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From: David Planella <david.planella at ubuntu.com>
Subject: Re: UI freeze exception request for 2 Ubuntu One packages
To: "Emmanuel Habumuremyi" <emmahab2008 at gmail.com>

Cc: ubuntu-translators at lists.ubuntu.com
Date: Monday, 5 March, 2012, 16:00

Al 05/03/12 16:56, En/na Emmanuel Habumuremyi ha escrit:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the quick answer. I do software localization in my hobby. My
> language is Kinyarwanda:
> http://panafril10n.org/wikidoc/pmwiki.php/PanAfrLoc/RwandaRundi

> I used to work on Linux in Kinyarwanda. I have done English in BA and
> have a Master in New Media.
> Regards,

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for letting us know about your language.

Could you please fully answer the questions I asked on my
e-mail, so that we can help you further? I'm adding them again below:

* What's your language and where is the request you filed to create a team?
* Did you follow the steps on 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/StartingTeam as 

pointed to in the Launchpad page?



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> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 5:48 PM, David Planella
> <david.planella at ubuntu.com <mailto:david.planella at ubuntu.com>> wrote:

>     Al 05/03/12 16:42, En/na Emmanuel Habumuremyi ha escrit:
>         Hi,
>         When am I going to be allowed to translate? Whenever I login to the
>         launchpad, I am asked to contact coordinators. I requested to

>         create a
>         team for my language and there is no answer. And this for a
>         long
>         time. I am confused and do not know what to do.
>     Hi Emmanuel,
>     We'll need some more information to be able to help. In particular:

>     * What's your language and where is the request you filed to create
>     a team?
>     * Did you follow the steps on
>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/__Translations/KnowledgeBase/__StartingTeam

>     <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/StartingTeam>,
>     as
 pointed to in the Launchpad page?
>     Regards,
>     David.
>         Regards,
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>             On 03/05/2012 09:11 AM, Joshua Hoover wrote:
>          > I wanted to make sure both the translators and docs lists were
>             aware of
>          > two more UI and string changes we need to make in the

>          > and ubuntuone-installer packages. The following changes need to
>          > be made in order to be consistent across platforms and provide a
>             unified

>          > experience with Ubuntu One:
>          >
>          >  * http://pad.lv/937905 - New Ubuntu One installer splash
>         screen with

>          > updated strings and images.
>             Apologies. This should be http://pad.lv/944982
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