top bar, menu bar, panel or top panel

Nicolas Delvaux contact at
Wed Jul 11 15:21:25 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

AFAIK Quantal will add an option to use old fashion menus AKA "locally 
integrated menus" instead of the global menu (well, it was originally 
planned for Precise...).

Top Bar will also work in this case.
It is more generic and it also gives a 'location hint' to the user (how 
will a new user know that the 'menu bar' is the thing on the top and not 
the thing on the left?). IMHO, 'Top Bar' is less ambiguous.

And using 'Top Bar' will also reduce the diff between Ubuntu and Gnome 
manuals (= less work for translators).

So yes, I'm pro 'Top Bar' :p


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