[Launchpad-translators] Call for 'Practice Your English' translations

Costales costales at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 6 06:01:50 UTC 2012

Thanks to all of you!!! :)

@Nicolas: I filled bugs about your requests:
"Practice Your " is a string for a future release ;)


El 07/05/2012 08:47 PM, Nicolas Delvaux escribió:
> Hi Costales,
> I noticed some problems in Practice Your English.
> - The help is not translatable
> - The File -> "Open Sentences File..." string is not translatable
> - I'm not sure "Practice Your English" should be translatable... (and it
> might be better spelled as "Practice your English").
> - There is also a "Practice Your " string. It seems useless. And AFAIK
> it is just used in the titlebar where you append an not-translatable
> "English" anyway (which leads to a mixed language titlebar, which is
> quite ugly).
> - The "Download Community Sentences..." option bring the user to an
> English only web site
> - There is a "3 _Lives" string and "3 Lives", "2 Lives" and "1 Live".
> AFAIK we only need a plural form[1] (and the accelerator should be here
> in each case)
> Otherwise, I noticed that the "Object" field is empty with some sentences.
> In this case, an empty pink rectangle is still displayed. I think you
> should remove the "Object" row or at least the empty rectangle.

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