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Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Mon Jan 16 10:32:27 UTC 2012

On 16-01-2012 02:44, Khoem Sokhem wrote:
> On 13 មករា 2012 17:14, Kenneth Nielsen wrote:
>> On 13-01-2012 08:08, Khoem Sokhem wrote:
>>> Dear David,
>>> This is Sokhem again from KhmerOS project of Cambodia.
>>> My team want to have the Ubuntu 12.04 fully in Khmer and now my team
>>> translating Gnome 3.4 for the release of 12.04.
>>> So, Could you please give me the hints what are the files need to be
>>> translated for the installer and the core files?
>>> Thanks for your comments!
>>> Regards,
>>> Sokhem
>> Hallo Sokhem
>> All the modules that need to be translated for Ubuntu 12.04 can be
>> found here:
>> This is a
>> prioritized list, so just work your way through it.
>> PLEASE NOTE however that it is currently not possible to sort this
>> list by upstream location. This means that it is not possible to
>> remove the gnome packages, that you are translating upstream, from the
>> list, so you will have watch out for those packages manually so you
>> don't start translating them twice.
>> Regards Kenneth
> Hello Kenneth,
> Thank you for your helpful comment.
> I assume that the files named debian-installser and
> debian-installer-help are the installer for Ubuntu and if I finished
> translating them the Khmer translated messaged will display in the
> installer?
> Regards,
> Sokhem

Both and. I think the debian installer is a text based installer that is 
only used in certain cases like the server and alternate version. The 
desktop installer are the packages named ubiquity-*.

On another note, just as with GNOME, it is always better to translate 
upstream, so your translations will benefit all the other debian based 
distros as well. So if you want to translate the debian installer, you 
should do it at the debian project. Alternatively, if you would like to 
use lp translations for it, you can send the file to the debian projects 

Regards Kenneth

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