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Khoem Sokhem khoemsokhem at
Mon Jan 16 01:44:56 UTC 2012

On 13 មករា 2012 17:14, Kenneth Nielsen wrote:
> On 13-01-2012 08:08, Khoem Sokhem wrote:
>> Dear David,
>> This is Sokhem again from KhmerOS project of Cambodia.
>> My team want to have the Ubuntu 12.04 fully in Khmer and now my team
>> translating Gnome 3.4 for the release of 12.04.
>> So, Could you please give me the hints what are the files need to be
>> translated for the installer and the core files?
>> Thanks for your comments!
>> Regards,
>> Sokhem
> Hallo Sokhem
> All the modules that need to be translated for Ubuntu 12.04 can be 
> found here: 
> This is a 
> prioritized list, so just work your way through it.
> PLEASE NOTE however that it is currently not possible to sort this 
> list by upstream location. This means that it is not possible to 
> remove the gnome packages, that you are translating upstream, from the 
> list, so you will have watch out for those packages manually so you 
> don't start translating them twice.
> Regards Kenneth

Hello Kenneth,

Thank you for your helpful comment.

I assume that the files named debian-installser and 
debian-installer-help are the installer for Ubuntu and if I finished 
translating them the Khmer translated messaged will display in the 


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