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Wed Feb 15 07:25:08 UTC 2012

Hi Roshnal,

I've forwarded your e-mail to the Ubuntu Translators list, which is a 
better place to discuss anything related to translations in Ubuntu, 
rather than the Ubuntu Docs team mailing list.

Ubuntu Translators generally translate the Ubuntu OS and very often many 
other applications outside the project. However, we tend to focus on 
open source applications, rather than proprietary ones, as Sukaro is.

That does not mean translators don't translate proprietary software as a 
rule -it's their personal choice-, but generally the majority of 
translators you are addressing work on a volunteer basis to improve 
their language support and to give back to open source software (*).

In any case, if anyone is interested in Sukaro they might be able to 
help you, be it with advice on how to best internationalize it or with 

I hope this helps!


(*) There is no reason why your code couldn't be open source and 
commercial at the same time - e.g. license it with GPL3, sell it as 
usual, and provide the source code to anyone purchasing it.

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Assumpte: Requesting A Translation
Data: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:29:16 +0530

Hello Ubuntu Translators!

I'm not sure this is the correct way of contacting you regarding a
application translation, but if it is, I have developed the first and
only Kakuro/Cross Sums game available for Ubuntu (currently 11.10 only)
and its available only in English. I was hoping you will help me get a
translation of it into a few languages (such as French, German, etc).

If you can help me in this, please reply and I'll send a free copy of
the application and provide any further info if needed (Its a commercial
app for $2.99 on USC). I think it should get some more attention as this
is the first game available for that game category. Please find the
links below.

For more information about Japanese Kakuro:
For the application (Sukaro) on Ubuntu Software Center:    (Or a quick search
for "Sukaro" or "Kakuro" on USC should reveal it).

Please see what you can do about this. Expecting a reply from you soon.

Roshnal Lihinikadu

Email: roshnal15 at
Twitter: @roshnal15

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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