Semi-mechanizing the DTTP translations

Pierre Slamich pierre.slamich at
Mon Dec 17 11:55:50 UTC 2012

The DDTP represent around 50 000 strings to translate * 140 languages. On
very good weeks, a typical translation team translates 500 strings (see UWN
for examples weekly figures).

Would take a lot of weeks (years?) with highly motivated volunteers of a
large translation team, working non-stop, at their best to get done with it.
Thus we had the idea to delegate initial translation suggestions to Google
Translator Kit and review translations with humans to speed the process.

We successfully did an import for circa 40 000 French strings  (yup you
read that right) this week-end in a mock project called DDTP Automation (
To keep it short, the translations from this project appear as suggestions
in the French DDTP, and can be reviewed by actual translators.
We've started using them, and it turns out that a lot of them are actually
useful and are speeding up the translation process a lot.

We detailed the (somewhat) tedious process in English at
Questions and inquiries welcome.


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