[FFe] [UIFe] request for Checkbox, rearranging controls in the test screen

Daniel Manrique daniel.manrique at canonical.com
Fri Aug 31 20:09:58 UTC 2012


I'm writing today to request a UI Freeze exception for checkbox:


The test screen, which is one of the most important in checkbox, was confusing
to users we spoke to. A few changes are needed in how the controls are arranged,
the changes are described in the bug report, but in short, a few pushbuttons
would need to be converted to radio buttons, a currently-togglable text field
should always be present, and keyboard shortcuts should be added to all controls.

The benefit of these changes is to make the UI clearer and less quirky;  to
encourage users to comment on test results by making the comments field visible
at all times; and to make testing faster by returning the keyboard controls
(these were present in the old GTK interface but hadn't been reimplemented in
the Qt UI).

This is the old test screen:


This is how the new screen looks like:


For translators: a few strings would change, those for the Yes, No, Skip this
Test, Previous and Next controls, mainly due to the addition of the marker (& in
the case of Qt) for the keyboard shortcuts.


- Daniel

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