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Al 06/08/12 13:47, En/na Yuri Chornoivan ha escrit:
> написане Mon, 06 Aug 2012 14:08:53 +0300, David Planella
> <david.planella at>:
>> Al 06/08/12 12:58, En/na Yuri Chornoivan ha escrit:
>>> написане Mon, 06 Aug 2012 11:44:54 +0300, David Planella
>>> <david.planella at>:
>>>> Al 04/08/12 07:24, En/na Adolfo Jayme Barrientos ha escrit:
>>>>> Well, that's nice. We should now update translations upstream so our
>>>>> fixes can go to other distros as well.
>>>> Hi Adolfo,
>>>> Note that you could exactly do that even before that change.
>>>> The biggest change is that Kubuntu translations will now not be shipped
>>>> in language packs, thus they will remain static and you won't be
>>>> able to
>>>> complete or fix any strings after release.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> David.
>>> Hi David,
>>> Actually, this is not full truth. Every minor KDE release (monthly) is
>>> shipped with updated translations, while Ubuntu langpacks are released
>>> very irregularly with unpredictable delays.
>> Hi Yuri,
>> I did not mention that there aren't KDE updates. I was simply stating
>> the fact that after release there won't be KDE translation updates in
>> Ubuntu. That is, even if there are monthly minor releases from KDE, they
>> will not make it into Ubuntu after release.
>> Now it would actually be a good idea to get those minor releases every
>> now and then as an SRU, so I'd suggest discussing it with the Kubuntu
>> team.
>> Regarding the language pack schedule, it is defined here:
> Ubuntu translation teams almost never test Kubuntu:
> Untested langpacks will not be released, won't they? So I think it is
> not a big lost. ;)
>> As any other part of Ubuntu, it is open to contribution, so if anyone
>> wants to ensure the language packs are released regularly, they should
>> feel free to help making it happen.
> As many other parts of Ubuntu, it would be great if Ubuntu uses upstream
> capabilities and does not waste the FOSS-supporters time for Ubuntu-only
> solutions. All other (non-Ubuntu based) distributions do this, so why
> can't Ubuntu do? ;)

This is a subject that has been discussed many times, and I'd prefer
this particular thread to stay on topic.

However, if you do have any new points to bring up to the discussion,
please feel free to use as
a basis and start a new thread.

> Some thoughts on the practical side:
> 1. Are there any plans to propose the translations of Kubuntu to
> upstream as ready to commit packages for KDE l10n-kde4?

If there are any translations that differ or are more complete in
Launchpad, and that haven't been committed upstream, any team should be
able to get them from Launchpad as usual. For those new to the process,
here's how:

In terms of providing packages, I'm not sure what you're exactly
referring to, but as this was a decision from the Kubuntu developers,
I'd suggest you talk to them.

> 2. What is the fate of Kubuntu-only translations of 12.04 and previous
> versions? They will be wasted, right?

Could you please ellaborate on that?

You keep mentioning 'wasted' on your e-mail, and I'm not really sure
what you're referring to or the point you're trying to make.

In any case, 12.04 and previous translations will keep being shipped to
and used by millions of users, and being updated in language packs as
usual, so they will definitely be used :)

> 3. Will there be any any communique from Ubuntu Council for those who
> translated Kubuntu if they have their translations wasted?

As mentioned, this was a decision from the Kubuntu developers, and they
already communicated it on this list. I do not see any need for an
additional communication from the Community Council, but if you feel the
need to, please feel free to bring it up with them.


> Thanks in advance for the answers.
> Best regards,
> Yuri
>> Thanks.
>> Cheers,
>> David.
>>> Just my 2 cents.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Yuri
>>>>> On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 9:55 AM, Jonathan Riddell
>>>>> <jriddell at> wrote:
>>>>>> KDE packages have now moved to universe and we are using the language
>>>>>> packs from upstream directly for KDE SC.  So no translations
>>>>>> should be
>>>>>> needed for KDE applications in quantal.  Applications which come from
>>>>>> Ubuntu and have a KDE frontend such as Ubiquity will still need
>>>>>> translations.  You are encouraged to directly work with KDE language
>>>>>> teams for translations to KDE software.
>>>>>> Jonathan

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