[FFe] New screenshots for Ubuntu installer slideshow

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 07:11:16 UTC 2012

This is a freeze exception request for one last update to
ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu, including new screenshots for the Ubuntu

This is pretty straight-forward: previously, screenshots shown in the
installer were from an older version of Ubuntu. Now, they're from
12.04. And they're a little more consistent, too :)

You can see a preview slideshow with new screenshots over here:
(You might need to Shift+Refresh if you've looked at that before,
because browser caching is crazy and stuff).

I apologize that this took so long to happen. I wasn't expecting the
wallpaper to arrive when it did.

I am not intending to make any changes with this release except for
the screenshots.

Exception request in Launchpad:

Thank you!


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