Cleaning up of mailing lists

Laura Czajkowski laura at
Thu Apr 5 14:42:38 UTC 2012


At the last Ubuntu Developer Summit it was brought to the attention of 
the Community Council that there were many mailing lists with little or 
no traffic whose presence on only served to discourage 
and confuse new contributors. Your mailing list was identified as one 
which we'd like to move forward with deletion because of little or no 
traffic on the mailing lists below

Please reply to this email if you have any objections (quiet time in 
project? plans for it in the future?), otherwise we will be closing this 
list in approximately two weeks.

Thank you for your time.

Laura Czajkowski
on behalf of the Community Council

The following translation lists have been reviewed and there is very 
little activity on here:

ubuntu-l10n-am 0
ubuntu-l10n-amh 0
ubuntu-l10n-ara 0
ubuntu-l10n-arn 0
ubuntu-l10n-ast 0
ubuntu-l10n-bel 0
ubuntu-l10n-ben 0
ubuntu-l10n-eng 0
ubuntu-l10n-est 0
ubuntu-l10n-eus 0
ubuntu-l10n-fas 0
ubuntu-l10n-fin 0
ubuntu-l10n-gl 0
ubuntu-l10n-guc 0
ubuntu-l10n-he 0
ubuntu-l10n-hu 4
ubuntu-l10n-ie 0
ubuntu-l10n-kir 0
ubuntu-l10n-kur 0
ubuntu-l10n-lao 0
ubuntu-l10n-lin 0
ubuntu-l10n-mal 0
ubuntu-l10n-mar 0
ubuntu-l10n-mhr 0
ubuntu-l10n-miq 0
ubuntu-l10n-mlg 0
ubuntu-l10n-my 0
ubuntu-l10n-nds 0
ubuntu-l10n-oci 0
ubuntu-l10n-oji 0
ubuntu-l10n-ori 0
ubuntu-l10n-que 0
ubuntu-l10n-shs 0
ubuntu-l10n-slo 0
ubuntu-l10n-swa 0
ubuntu-l10n-tam 1
ubuntu-l10n-tha 0
ubuntu-l10n-tib 0
ubuntu-l10n-urd 0
ubuntu-l10n-zh 0

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