Pull translations from upstream?

Ask Hjorth Larsen asklarsen at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 13:06:35 UTC 2012


I just noticed that the Danish coreutils translation in Launchpad was
incomplete while the same version is fully translated at
TranslationProject.  So apparently there's a problem getting strings
downstream.  I'm manually uploading a po-file to Launchpad now, but
this I cannot do for every single module.  Would it be possible to
pull strings from TP once more before release?  Probably this will
benefit all languages.

(One explanation *could* be that Ubuntu uses 8.13-pre3 while TP only
hosts 8.13.  But then Ubuntu ships a version of coreutils which cannot
be translated upstream.  However coreutils 8.13-pre3 and 8.13 contain
exactly the same English strings)


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