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Al 04/04/12 04:47, En/na Khoem Sokhem ha escrit:
> Hello David,
> On 03-Apr-12 6:21 PM, David Planella wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just a quick announcement of a couple of resources that should help you
>> in translating 12.04. I've been mentioning some of them, but not too
>> widely in the last few weeks, as they are still experimental. So if you
>> see any bug, downtime or anything worth reporting, please let me know.
>> I hope you find them useful!
>> Translations stats
>> ------------------
>> The translations stats site is a resource that should help translation
>> teams focus their precious time on the most important translations and
>> track and showcase their progress:
> I looked at the link and saw that Khmer translation is 35%, Does this
> mean that Khmer will not include in the release or 12.04?
> Today I download Beta 2 release and try to install but unfortunately I
> did not see Khmer language in Ubuntu Installer. I have finished
> translating debian-installer and most of the files in:

Hi Sokhem,

In general, for new languages to be included, I would recommend getting
involved much earlier in the development process. We're very close to
release time now, which leaves very little time for those changes and
might make it more difficult to add any new language for 12.04.

That said, looking at the publishing history of the Khmer language pack,
I see it has been available since Lucid, which means Khmer translations
have been packaged and shipped for already 5 releases by now.

- Have you tried going to System Settings > Language Support and install
Khmer? Does that work?

The other important aspect is the installer. It is one of the few
translations that cannot be handled solely on Launchpad and where we
recommend translation teams to work upstream to get their translations
added in Debian.

I believe having the language present upstream in Debian is a technical
requirement for having it enabled in the Ubuntu installer, but I'm
CC'ing Colin Watson as the debian-installer maintainer for more guidance.

I would recommend downloading the translation from Launchpad if you've
only been working there, and submitting it to Debian.

You will find more information here:


And if you've got any questions, you can ask on this list.

> What is the different translations between
> and
> for Khmer?

There are no big differences. The statistics for each individual package
are exactly the same, as they come from Launchpad.

The stats site is no more than a frontend to Launchpad, the purpose of
which is to:

- Provide better focus to translation teams by showing them the most
important translations to complete to achieve 100% coverage of Ubuntu's
default installation. For this, rather than showing every single
translatable package as Launchpad does, the stats site only shows those
packages that are:
  - In the default installation
  - That have visible strings
  - That have untranslated strings
- Provide more accurate statistics on the real translation status of
Ubuntu's default desktop installation. Launchpad includes statistics for
packages in main, including server packages, Kubuntu packages, etc.,
which add up to the overall translation coverage percentage giving an
inaccurate language coverage figure for Ubuntu as a distro. As an
example, a translation team could have translated Ubuntu at 100% but not
have worked in Kubuntu, and Launchpad would show a translation
percentage of e.g. 70% for that language.

You'll find more information on the link that appears on the site's
footer [2].



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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