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Tue Apr 3 11:36:29 UTC 2012

Al 03/04/12 12:59, En/na Hannie Dumoleyn ha escrit:
>> As I said, I'm not particularly in favour of disabling them, but I'd
>> like to hear what other translators have got to say on this, and if
>> they've got any further ideas.
>> Thanks again for the honest feedback and for raising this issue.
>> Cheers,
>> David.
> Here is a reaction from a frustrated translator ):

Hi Hannie,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I think at this point we all have realized changes in documentation
strings are an issue for translations. In terms of feedback, rather than
more examples that this is an issue, I was thinking rather of ideas on
how we could minimize it.

That said, let me reply to the points below:

> It is a hell of a job to get previous translations back, but since
> fuzzies are not supported in Launchpad the only way to get them back is
> by copying and pasting.

As from the comments I understand this translator knows how to use the
gettext tools, here's a suggestion to get back fuzzy strings quickly:

1. Download the PO file for your language from Launchpad (nl.po)
2. Download the POT file from Launchpad (ubuntu-help.pot)
3. Run the following command:

  msgmerge nl.po ubuntu-help.pot > nl-fuzzies.po

That should then give you a file with fuzzy matches.

> I use a merged file, which I open in Lokalize
> (more than 600 fuzzies!). While working online in LP on the Precise
> version, I look in Lokalize to see if there is a fuzzy and when that is
> the case I copy and paste the fuzzy to LP and make the changes. Often
> they are minor, such as: top panel becomes menu bar, '.' becomes
> <key>.<key/>, item becomes file, and so on.
> The amount of *extra* work cannot be expressed in hours, but in weeks
> I'm afraid.
> Hannie

Right, apart from the fact that Launchpad hides fuzzy strings, what you
are describing here is something that is outside of Launchpad and any
other translations tool's control.

This is due to minor changes being done to documentation and the
original translations becoming obsolete.

The only thing I can think of is that whenever such a trivial change is
done in the original docs is done, the replacement is done on the
translations (the .po files) and the template (the .pot file).

That is also not without its drawbacks:

- It increases the amount of work for the docs team (they'd be doing the
replacements in the .po and .pot files)
- String replacement in translations is very tricky, and should probably
be left to translators except for the most trivial cases.


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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