User interface freeze exception request for Unity Greeter

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Thu Sep 8 12:37:32 UTC 2011

On 8 September 2011 04:41, David Planella <david.planella at> wrote:
> El dc 07 de 09 de 2011 a les 17:27 +1000, en/na Robert Ancell va
> escriure:
>> I've requested a user interface freeze exception for an update to Unity
>> Greeter.  The changes are:
> [...]
>> For more information and comparison screenshots see:
>> Thanks,
>> --Robert
> Hi Robert,
> Thanks for notifying translators and documenters. From the translations
> point of view, I understand that the changes affecting strings will be:
>>- Addition of an a11y menu item
>> - Removal of the "Other..." item
>> - Renaming of "Guest Account" to "Guest Session" to match desktop
> Which all make sense to me, so unless anyone disagrees, I'd say that'd
> be a +1 from the translations side.
> Cheers,
> David.

I'll step up from the Docs Team. I don't see a problem with these changes.

Robert, do you plan to make Unity's a11y indicator menu match the
greeter? We document that the a11y menu  is unintuitively turned on in
System Settings>Universal Access>Typing>Turn on accessibility features
from the keyboard but the menu is pretty useless at the moment. I'd
suggest also adding a Universal Access Settings link to the bottom in
non-greeter mode that points to the System Settings panel instead of
the 5-option dialog it currently points to (and which unfortunately
broke a few weeks ago anyway).

Jeremy Bicha

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