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Michael Bauer fios at akerbeltz.org
Sat Oct 22 12:14:20 UTC 2011

I recently switched my Ubuntu laptop to using gd (Scots Gaelic) as its 
primary locale to get around this stupid (sorry, it is) problem of not 
being able to install (easily) an application in a language that's not 
my set locale language.

I then suddenly had bits and pieces of Gaelic splattered over Ubuntu. 
Does that mean that Ubuntu will put partial translations into its 
releases? If that is the case (some of the Gaelic is a bit ropey) can 
someone tell me what the key bits to translate would be? As is, is there 
a core batch of strings which will put Gaelic on a lot of your interface?

And last but not least, do those translations come from launchpad or 
somewhere else?


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