Setting Ubuntu templates priority

Andrej Znidarsic andrej.znidarsic at
Sat Oct 22 11:10:57 UTC 2011

Hello translators!

As you might already know translations in ordered in a way which exposes
more important (visible) templates by
putting them in front of the list.

Recently a lot of templates from KDE have been aded and hence they have a
default priority 0 (are displayed last).

We would highly appriciate help in setting the correct priority for these
templates. You can find them in a google docs document at

Policy on priorities can be found on this wiki page
In addition you can look
at see
priority other packages have. Higher priority means listed higher in the
list. What you need to know (more or less) is if the package is installed in
kubuntu by default or not (as priority depends heavily on it).

We will apply the changes once all the data is gathered.
This will help translators to focus on more visible programs easier.

Thanks for your help in making the world of Ubuntu translations nice. If you
have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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