Merge requests for serverguide

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at
Mon Oct 17 11:08:12 UTC 2011

On 11-10-17 06:22 AM, Ahmed Kamal wrote:

> I think the current model of farming out reviews and updates to m/l has
> been successful and should be continued. However, someone still needs to
> do the management part of all that (pad, updates, communications, merge
> proposals ...etc). For Oneiric I worked on that, and there was a very
> limited time budget. For 12.04 things should be much better. If anyone
> is interested in taking over this serverguide-manager position, please
> step-up. I have a single volunteer atm, however I'll probably be sending
> a call-out soon

Ahmed, you can put my name on the list if the other person bails out.

Peter Matulis

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