Translations are not properly imported into Launchpad.

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Thu Oct 6 06:36:08 UTC 2011

2011/10/6 Andrius Štikonas <stikonas at>:
> There are a lot more examples, so it is not possible to list them all. It
> seems to me that at lease KDE Lithuanian translations are no longer properly
> imported. Maybe somebody can tell if this happens with other languages or
> with non KDE translations. Unfortunately, I do not have time to look at this
> issue more thoroughly.

I have seen this since 2005, and I haven't ever been completely
assured the imports still work 100% problem-free. And I don't mean the
import queue problems, but something deeper. The KDE translations have
always been the ones I've been most worried about, but recently I've
been suspicious about a few Gnome translations equally. Unlike you, I
don't have direct evidence at hand.

At time, and it was a long time ago, I filed bug reports against LP
with examples, and those ones have been marked as fixed. If you could
take your direct examples and file a bug against LP at , I think it could help to again
start looking at if it's possible to truly make everything work as


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