Translations are not properly imported into Launchpad.

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Thu Oct 6 15:31:41 UTC 2011

Hi Andrius,

У сре, 05. 10 2011. у 23:10 +0100, Andrius Štikonas пише:

> I have noticed that sometimes Launchpad does not correctly import upstream
> translations. I have noticed this with KDE translations of Lithuanian
> language.
> For example,
> says
> that there are no differences between Ubuntu and upstream (
> but e.g. string
> still
> uses old upstream translation and the new one is only a suggestion (which
> contradicts the fact that there are no differences with upstream) .

I filed a bug about what I believe might be the problem:

I am not entirely sure this is the whole root cause, but this is one
likely way that I see this happening.  If you are certain this is not
the case here (i.e. there was no KDE package upload in any of the Ubuntu
series after the Oneiric upload), please file a new bug about it!

> There were more examples in
> although
> I have already fixed them in Launchpad because these strings are very
> visible to the end user.
> Or e.g.
> Current
> translation is an old upstream translation while the new one is only a
> suggestion.

Sometimes, these examples will still be there on staging and/or
qastaging, which are only refreshed from production every once in a
while.  So, mentioning these links in a bug report might still be

> There are a lot more examples, so it is not possible to list them all. It
> seems to me that at lease KDE Lithuanian translations are no longer properly
> imported. Maybe somebody can tell if this happens with other languages or
> with non KDE translations. Unfortunately, I do not have time to look at this
> issue more thoroughly.

At the very least, please file a bug: if you don't have time to look at
it, yet you are certain they are not imported properly, somebody will
have to look into it :)

Also, note that Launchpad imports KDE translations from *packages*, so
please first ensure that KDE packages (tarballs) shipped in Ubuntu have
these translations.  Ideally, we should be able to import translations
from upstream directly, but this has not been implemented for KDE yet,
and is not fully deployed for GNOME either.

Finally, Ubuntu relies on its users to report bugs for it to become
better.  The same holds true for Launchpad: there is only so many
problems that we can find ourselves!


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