Notification of a change with both documentation and translation impact

John Lea john.lea at
Tue Oct 4 13:45:58 UTC 2011

On 04/10/11 14:38, David Planella wrote:
> El dl 03 de 10 de 2011 a les 10:14 +0100, en/na John Lea va escriure:
>> Hi All,
>> Apologies for the very late change, but the placement of the 'ubuntu
>> roundal' in the top left of the top bar is causing significant usability
>> problems because it is an inactive item, and users are confusing it with
>> the BFB in Natty (to which it is almost visually identical).  This bug
>> is tracked in , sorry again
>> for the late nature of this change and thank you for your assistance
>> with solving this problem.
> Hi John,
> Thanks a lot for notifying translators and documenters.
> If I understand it correctly from Martin's comment [1], the fix should
> not affect translations, as we'd be using the existing translations for
> the "Desktop" message. Is that correct?
> Cheers,
> David.
> [1]

Hi David,

Yes that is correct, this change will have no impact on translations.


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