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They are strange as for Software Center indeed but I translated them just as they should be translated 


and everything seems to be ok. However theese are really pretty strange as for being a content of app-install-data so perhaps we should really ask dpm and if he also doesn't know than we will ask the Gwibber boys (and girls:)) If You have any further question or something seems to be unclear just let me know. I finished translation of app-install-data 4 months ago and did about 80% by myself so I know how hard sometimes things are. English descriptions are too short, unclear and sometimes simply incorrect. My advice is to almost always check if the description string correctly describes the program. Sometimes I had to install it to create a sentence that will tell the Polish nation what a program was really made for. I recommend  the same attitude. Make things slower but do them right. Otherwise Your work can occur to be a waste of time. It is also not always the best idea to translate names of programs. SOmetimes the best way is simply to leave the
 English name or give a "- xxx" after it (e.g. Firefox - web browser). Do not make from a Firefox a burning animal! :) OK it wasn't the best example but often people know programs as a for exaple "Pencil" and we should it leave it this way. Otherwise they won't be able to find it any more. When I first installed Ubuntu I couldn't find GParted in Software Centre just because some "wise" man replaced the Gpated name with Polish description which I didn't know. It is important especially now as the Software CEntre becomes something really special and great tool in 11.04.

>From the things that I also found a problem was "A web browser"- a unnamed clone of Firefox. And everything 'd be great if the description string wasn't shared with other web browsers. I made a translation of decription for "A web browser" as a something like "~~A Firefox browser without a name"<- and that string was shown under a few more web browsers in Soft Center. As I remeber these were Epiphany, Conkeror, Dooble, Fennec and stuff like that. I am not sure now anymore which were they so my advice is to simply give a short universal description like "web browser".

One more thing come to my mind. There are few games that make a trash in Soft Cen. I mean that there is a package of logic games that installs ALL OF THEM but each of these games have their own string in Soft Cen. In other words translating description for Black box, bridges, Dominosa, Tents, Inertia and a lot of others doesn't make to much sense cause the install button will not install only one game. It will install a few of them. And these all are in an exact program description after kilcking "more". Always check the exact program decription if You don't know a program. Otherwise You and Your nation can be surprised. And it's not gonna be a nice surprise.

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   1. Strange strings in app-install-data (Milo Casagrande)


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Hi fellow translators,

while I was looking at the translation for app-install-data in Natty,
I found some odd strings in there.
For example string numbers like:

Does anybody have an idea if those strings are really supposed to be there?


Milo Casagrande <milo at casagrande.name>


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