Firefox Unity launcher translations

Anders Jenbo anders at
Fri Mar 25 15:48:45 UTC 2011

Also it seams it should have been posible to pull the string from the 
original translations in the aplications them self. The first 3 lines 
are from app-install-data and the two last are from firefox, so pulling 
them from there would be faster, more accurate and require less people 
it would seam?


Den 25-03-2011 13:05, David Planella skrev:
> Hi all,
> Some of you have already noticed it, but here's to announce that we've
> got a couple of new messages to translate for Firefox.
> These appear as an option when right-clicking on the Firefox launcher in
> Unity, and they are available for translation here:
> Please add your translations there and we'll get them comitted by
> NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline on April 14th [1]
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> David.
> [1]

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