Deadline for translations on live-cd

Bruno Patri bruno.patri at
Wed Sep 29 13:39:45 BST 2010

Le mercredi 29 septembre 2010 13:04:29, Ask Hjorth Larsen a écrit :
> The slideshow does not display correctly in Firefox, so until
> yesterday I assumed it was just not up and running.  But apparently it
> displays correctly in Epiphany (the GNOME browser).  For some reason
> it selects the 'right-to-left language' option automatically even
> though the checkbox hasn't been clicked.  This can be helped by
> removing the characters ?rtl at the end of the URL.  Aside from these
> issues it appears to be working very well.

You should use a brower based on Webkit to view the slideshow (chromium, 

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