Libre Office: A Proposal

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Wed Sep 29 09:28:10 BST 2010

As an OOo translator (and as a supporter of LO) I can only 
tell you my impressions for the moment:

- The OOo-translation teams use a much more strictly 
moderated context than offered in LP/Rosetta. Many use the 
similar Pootle interface for convenience, but much of the 
work is committed in SDF-files via git. Some language-teams 
run their own versioning servers along with other 
infrastructure specifics. I doubt there will be much 
enthusiasm for breaking the current workflow.

-Of course there's strict Q/A testing before any 
distribution of either the OOo-bundle as well as for the 
language-packs. Along with the "forking" there may be some 
restructuration of the Q/A workflow, but I think it may even 
get stricter.

-Wrong translations can eventually *break* OOo/LO - make it 
unusable. There would be much recoding to do before one 
would accept translations from an open system such as 

Maybe the graph on can illustrate 
better the situation; the graph is incorrect (or will be) as 
LibreOffice will (hopefully) replace the uppermost rectangle 
[] and (hopefully) under the same name 
This means that many *big players* like IBM and Novell 
compile their own versions of OOo from the main source - and 
I seriously doubt they'd be keen on that one being on 
Canonical-controlled servers. They've already been through 
that with Oracle...

Just thoughts.

Sveinn í Felli

Þann mið 29.sep 2010 07:27, skrifaði Jonathan Aquilina:
> if they are worried about the quality of translations, then
> why not put a Q/A team together to assure they are of good
> quality prior to sending them upstream?
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 9:21 AM, Manx Translators
> <ubuntumanx at
> <mailto:ubuntumanx at>> wrote:
>     Hopefully we could sync them upstream (from a technical,
>     libre/open compatibility point of view. But yes, it may
>     be at the discretion of the <>
>     communities, and if they are concerned about the quality
>     of translations being received (especially as libre
>     translators would be working outside the
>     control/management of the <>
>     communities) I see the potential for difficulties.
>     I'm just theorising here, I should make that clear.
>     Hopefully there is someone around who already does
>     OpenOffice translations?
>     Ed
>     On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 9:09 AM, Jonathan Aquilina
>     <eagles051387 at <mailto:eagles051387 at>>
>     wrote:
>         couldnt you also sync them upstream as well or would
>         that be at the discretion of the open office community?
>         On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 9:01 AM, Manx Translators
>         <ubuntumanx at
>         <mailto:ubuntumanx at>> wrote:
>             They are: but the system is complicated beyond
>             belief. i.e. for someone who only uses rosetta:
>             impossible.
>             for me (I know a fair amount and can do po
>             files, but am not a translating wizard by any
>             stretch of the imagination): I still haven't
>             figured it out, and would need to devote A LOT
>             of time to do so.
>             I suggest that, now Libre Office will be default
>             in Ubuntu (and I think most distros), we push
>             for the translations for Libre to be handled in
>             a user-friendly way: the best way I know is
>             rosetta. The upstream issue was relating to the
>             fact that translating Libre wouldn't start from
>             scratch; we would probably sync the translations
>             down from the openoffice communities, perhaps
>             regularly, and if our work was compatible, they
>             might be peeved if nothing was sent back upstream.
>             Edmund
>             On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 8:54 AM, Jonathan
>             Aquilina <eagles051387 at
>             <mailto:eagles051387 at>> wrote:
>                 arent translations already done upstream
>                 usually?
>                 On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 8:52 AM, Manx
>                 Translators <ubuntumanx at
>                 <mailto:ubuntumanx at>> wrote:
>                     I should think it's possible to sync
>                     OpenOffice translations down into
>                     Rosetta....I suppose the only problem is
>                     if the upstream communities feel we're
>                     not contributing enough back, so that
>                     side would need to be sorted out.
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