Suggestion: Faster lanugage pack update after final release

Ask Hjorth Larsen asklarsen at
Thu Sep 23 22:38:18 BST 2010

Hi translators

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 11:24 PM, Kenneth Nielsen <k.nielsen81 at> wrote:
> Hallo everyone
> I would also really like to have regular, fast and frequent language
> pack releases, so I think we should try and get this thread going
> again. I have made a draft[1] for a template, from which we can create
> language pack release schedules for the individual releases. I have
> already discussed this with David to work in some of his ideas for the
> schedule and now I would very much like your feedback.
> The schedule is designed in such a way, that there will be 5 language
> pack updates for an ordinary release and 8 for a LTS. The first one
> will be made already after 2 weeks, to allow us to get rid of those
> very few but very ugly mistakes that sometimes pop up.
> The amount of releases may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that you
> are not _required_ to release a language pack on all these occasions.
> These will work merely as the times where you have the _opportunity_
> to release one. The idea is that if you want to release a language
> pack, you should test it in the way described in the quality assurance
> page[2] and put your language name on the list (we will then reset the
> page after each language pack release), and if you don't want to
> release a language pack update you simply do nothing ;)
> Let me know what you think.
> Regards Kenneth Nielsen
> [1]
> [2]

I think it's great.  While the exact dates are not important, the
existence of a fixed schedule makes everything simple to figure out,
and the quick update in the beginning is particularly welcome.  Thank
you for creating the wiki page and getting things going.

Best regards

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