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Thu Sep 16 11:46:38 BST 2010

El dj 16 de 09 de 2010 a les 09:38 +0200, en/na Hannie va escriure:
> As I am trying to understand how things work I follow what happens to
> a file (the Dutch translation of Nautilus) I imported into LP a few
> days ago.
> 2010-09-12: check
> Result:
> Untranslated: 51
> 2010-09-13: Nautilus Dutch translation completed, then imported (from
> Gnome). Status import queue: approved, later on changed to Imported.

Looks good to me so far, but in principle there shouldn't be a need to
upload translations from upstream manually, as they will be imported for
you every time there is a package upload.

Package uploads happen from time to time but cannot be predicted.
Sometimes they get uploaded when there is a new upstream release, or
sometimes because of a needed fix in Ubuntu.

In order to save you work, you should only import translations if there
hasn't been a package upload for quite a while and you want to speed up
the process of seeing the translations in Ubuntu. 

> Check again: Result in Launchpad: Untranslated: 0. So far so good. But
> when I checked the contents of the translation I found out that it was
> not the right one.

In which sense it was not the right one?

> Next, on 2010-09-16, I downloaded the file po/nl.po from
> And yes, this is the right file.

I'm not sure I can follow you there. Looking at that page, I can see 

        po/nl.po in nautilus in Ubuntu Maverick Imported
        Uploaded by Hannie Dumoleyn on 2010-09-13 16:19:21 CEST

That means the po file you uploaded was correctly imported into

On that same page, I can also see:

        po/nl.po in nautilus in Ubuntu Maverick Imported
        Uploaded by Sebastien Bacher on 2010-09-14 01:03:11 CEST

That means that just a day after there was a package upload from which
translations were imported. It might be that if you uploaded e.g. an
incomplete translation by mistake on the 13th but upstream translations
were complete and were imported automatically on the 14th, that final
upload completed the missing translations in Launchpad.

And as for you downloading the "po/nl.po in nautilus in Ubuntu Maverick
- Uploaded by Hannie Dumoleyn on 2010-09-13 16:19:21 CEST" file from the
queue and not getting what you expected, it might be the behaviour of
the queue to provide only the latest upload in the link, although I'm
just speculating here.

> Am I right in concluding that, what I see on this page:
>, will be
> overwritten by po/nl.po (/nautilus/) in the near future? (since the
> file is still in the queue).

Everything you see in the queue that is Imported will go into Launchpad,
having the rules of precedence into account:

(In short, upstream translations override those in Launchpad; empty
upstream translations will not modify existing Launchpad translations)

I hope this helps a bit in clarifying.


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /
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