More untranslated strings in Maverick beta in galician language.

Fran Dieguez listas at
Wed Sep 8 23:33:10 BST 2010

Hi all again,

This afternoon I've been testing deeply the new Maverick beta for
untranslated strings or problems related to l10n (mainly focused in
Galician language translations), so below I list some issues I have

Errors into the Live CD

 - Selecting Galician language in the bootloader and after all the
system is loaded from the CD doesn't display any translated string. All
the programs, menus, applets, etc, are in English. Is the Galician
language included in the CD version? (Lucid showed almost the entire
interface in galician...). I attach a tarball  where you can see some
strings untranslated that in LP are translated for more than 2 weeks.
Take notice the bottom messages like "Copying files.." and the final
screenshot that shows the "Needed restart" message. 
 - When you click the restart button is showed the message "Please
remove installation media and close the tray" that in the previous
versions was translated.

Errors in a installed system (with the beta available 10/9/2010):

 - All the interface is in English (in the installation I select the
Galician language option) and previous versions show a dialog to
"install all the compatability language" for Galician. After upgrade all
the system from beta to latest packages (September 8th, 21:40 pm) don't
install the translation packages. But now trying to go to Language
Support and after clicking Install in the «The language support is not
installed completely» the galician language packages are installed and
after restart session Ubuntu is showed in galician language.

 - Minor errors: 
  * aboutme-applet: Shows "About me..." instead of "Sobre min..."
  * Main menu untranslated entries: 
    \ Firefox Web Browser
    \ Additional Drivers into System->Administration
    \ Evolution Mail (very weird, in Internet section is untranslated
but in Office section is translated)
 - Downloads folder (I think is from xdg folders name) is untranslated.
 - Configuration Step of Evolution mail configuración (I attach a
screenshot for this).

All the errors I list above are verified in LP and all of their
translations are completed for more than one week.

As you can see there is a lot of minor errors and I would need that
other languages confirm those issues or not.


Fran Diéguez
Co-leader of Ubuntu Galician translation team and
Leader of GNOME Galician translation team
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