A proposal for the new roadmap 11.04

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Wed Oct 20 09:04:22 BST 2010

Þann þri 19.okt 2010 22:45, skrifaði Valter Mura:
> Hi All,
> with regard to the latest announcement made by David in the list, I would like
> to submit to you my humble ideas about a new structure for Ubuntu translations
> in Launchpad.
> The idea is very simple: splitting the Ubuntu translation structure from one
> single branch into, at least, 4 branches with eventual derivative sub-
> branches. The reason is to have a more rational structure in which translators
> can easily individuate and manage packages to translate.
> I think also that a new structure will facilitate the work of the translators
> and speed up the translation process.

Great work - I second these. We're talking about the 
organisation of the translation interface, isn't it ?

> Here is a possible subdivision:
> #1 - Ubuntu-files: this branch would include language files related only to
> Ubuntu, say "shared" files;
> #2 - Ubuntu-Gnome files: this branch would include only upstream language files
> coming from the Gnome project plus upstream files containing possible changed
> strings;
> #3 - Kubuntu-KDE files: this branch would include only upstream language files
> coming from the KDE project plus upstream files containing possible changed
> strings;
> #4 - Xubuntu-XFCE files: this branch would include only upstream language files
> coming from the XFCE project plus upstream files containing possible changed
> strings.
This could be a simple drop-down field above the file list; 
with options like 
all/Ubuntu_shared/Ubuntu_GNOME/Kubuntu_KDE/Xubuntu_XFCE (and 
maybe an Undefined field for modules early in the 
translation cycle). Possibly those definitions exist already 
in the database ?

> #5- For 2, 3, 4 files there should be also indication of original (upstream)
> URL, and possibility to have e-mail notification of changes in the files (this
> applies also to #1).
This could be in the header of the initial translation page, 

> #6- For upstream files, there could be also a note indicating the "upstream"
> situation of the file, for example, if the file is contained in a stable or
> unstable/trunk branch.
And maybe having the date of last synchronization with 
upstream would be of use.

> #7- Release cycles should be coordinated with the release ones of the upstream
> work-flows. To clarify this point: the release of a language update must be
> done only after the release of the upstream. This seems to be logical, but
> often it isn't, above all if packs are taken from both branches indicated in
> #6. Language packs are often incomplete, if the upstream way is not followed.
> This involves also the work in Launchpad, which could vanish after an upstream
> update. In this way, translators who work on an "upstream
> (untranslated/partially untranslated) package" could notify directly the
> translator in charge, thanks to #5: "Hey, I translated the file you are working
> on, I'll send it to you so that you could give it a look and use, if you
> wish."
In a previous thread, there was some discussion about having 
a lang-pack-bugfix upgrade relatively soon after a release 
(eliminating the most apparent errors) and maybe another 
intermediate one (before next 6 monthly release).
If this can also coincide with upstream releases, good.

And may I add:

#8- If translators (reviewers/coordinators) could easily 
download all the POs of their language in one go, that would 
be nice.

I suppose "batch committing" would be a bit too much to ask for.

> These are only some humble suggestions, I hope to contribute to improve the
> system with these few ideas.
IMHO they're very useful.

> By the way, I like very much the idea of an "Ubuntu Translation Portal"! :-)
> Ciao!

Sveinn í Felli

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