Translatable Code of Conduct (CoC) and Leadership Code of Conduct (LCoC)

Fumihito YOSHIDA hito at
Wed Oct 20 02:50:35 BST 2010

Hi David and all,

For brainstorming, I propose yet another tasks. So,

  -  Do we need Onomasticon ?
  -  Do we need "English = English translation" ?

> I just wanted to let you know about the blueprint I've just drafted for
> a UDS session to discuss an effort to make the Ubuntu Code of Conduct
> (CoC) and Leadership Code of Conduct translatable [1].
> From the summary:
> "We want to provide the Code of Conduct (CoC) and the Leadership Code of
> Conduct (LCoC) in anyone's own language, and we want to enable the
> community to translate it.

We (Japanese LoCo) had translate CoC already( ).
In translation works, we face some challenges about CoC/LCoC terms.

Do we need Onomasticon ? :

 - CoC has some {philosophical implications, Ubuntu governance term}.
   For example, "Ubuntu governance bodies". We need long discussion about
   this term, because we have to analyze , "it include nuance? Or, is it
   proper name?(like Community Council?) "
   In this case, we check Jono's blog[1] and other documents, but it is
   heavy to dicisions. But if we had proper name lists, we can work easily.

Do we need "English = English translation" ?  :

 - For translation works, many "paraphrase" creates good translations.
   (see also: "Paraphrasing Social from the start"[2])

Any ideas?



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