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Hannie lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Fri Nov 5 08:24:01 GMT 2010

Op 04-11-10 17:44, Hannie Lafeber-Dumoleyn schreef:
> Subject: Re: Global glossary
You wrote:
The project can be translated as any other in Launchpad, either online 
or offline.
But it looks different to me. When I click on the Current Dutch line 
input is not possible, not even suggestions. I would have had no problem 
with handing in suggestions and let others review them.
I was also wondering who put the Dutch section of the glossary 
(untranslated) on the page, since there is nog Launchpad Dutch 
Translators yet.

You wrote:
The translation permissions are assigned to the Launchpad Translators 
translation group [1]. There is no team for Dutch in that group, so 
until there is one, you will only be able to submit translation 

As for the creation of a new Launchpad  Dutch Translators Team I will 
have to consult my collegues, so I will forward your mail to the nl-list.


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