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Hannie lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Thu Nov 4 08:20:19 GMT 2010

>> However, I do see the value in creating a global glossary that teams
>> could use as a template and simply translate.
>> There were efforts in that direction some time ago:
>> If this is an area you believe to be important, and would like to see it
>> improved, I'd very much encourage you to revive that effort, or lead a
>> new project to create a global translation glossary (or memory) for all
>> teams. I'll certainly be glad to help, as I'm sure other people on the
>> list will be.

The idea of a global glossary is a good one. I have just looked at this 
I want to know how to translate it. Should I download the file?
And can the file be imported into LP once it is translated offline?
It is not possible to translate it online at this moment, due to 
restricted permissions:
Translation Standards <> is 
translated by Launchpad Translators 
<> with 
Ubuntu Dutch Translators

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