Policy proposal: Translation team coordinator e-mail address

Tom Davies tomdavies04 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 18:13:08 GMT 2010

-1  I think it is easy enough to contact people through the "contact this user" 
feature when you are used to it.  I don't think Team Leaderss should recieve 
distractions from any random person who happ[ens to wander through the site.  
However i think all Team Leaders should give their email addresses to the head 
of translations and their 2nd in command of their team, perhaps to other team 
leaders too.  Chain-of-command in other organisations has been developed for 
some good reasons.
Regards from
Tom :)

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+1 ... but I am not sure if this is needed.

As far as I know, this was the main reason why the "Contact this user"
feature was added to Launchpad... to contact an user by email even
though his/her email address is hidden in Launchpad.

Rather than making the email public, we should ask them to make sure
that they can be reached via their primary email address defined in

There is still a per day limit of person that you can contact via the
"Contact this user" feature ... so if someone wants to contact 20
coordinators in a single day, this can be a problem.


On Tue, 2010-11-02 at 15:20 +0100, David Planella wrote:
> Hi translators,
> I've been meaning to ask you for your opinion on this for a while.
> Having just spent 10 minutes looking for the e-mail address of a
> language team coordinator has actually prompted me to do it now.
> So the question is:
>       * Should we request translation team leaders to have a visible
>         e-mail address in Launchpad?
> And the background is:
> I believe translation team leaders should be people that are easily
> contactable, both by the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team and by
> other translators, and having a hidden translation address in Launchpad
> does not make things easy. As a reminder: having a visible e-mail
> address in Launchpad makes it only visible to other people who have
> logged in with a valid account in Launchpad - so it's not just visible
> to anyone.
> Now if it took me a non-trivial amount of time to find someone's address
> today, I could imagine that it would be even more difficult for a new
> translator not familiar with our workflow. One could argue that he or
> she could use the "Contact this user" link, but that has its drawbacks:
> you cannot have a record of the message sent, and it can be used only 3
> times a day to prevent spam, IIRC.
> This is not something new: other translations systems (GNOME, KDE,
> Translation Project, etc.) request coordinators to have a known and
> stable e-mail address, and in some of them it's even a policy.
> If the majority of you think it's a good idea, I'd propose to make it a
> policy. To most of the translation team leaders, it will not make a
> difference. To the few that have got a hidden e-mail address, they would
> simply have to tick a checkbox to make it visible.
> Let me know what you think. +1/-1/comments/concerns...?
> Regards,
> David.

Adi Roiban

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