Merging po files

Redmar redmar at
Mon Nov 1 22:46:33 GMT 2010

Ask Hjorth Larsen schreef op za 30-10-2010 om 13:02 [+0200]:
> Hi Redmar

> Try:
>   msgmerge from_LaunchPad.po upstream.po -o output.po
> msgmerge takes translations from one file and combines them with the
> english messages in the other.  I have sometimes seen that also this
> produces files with too many messages in them (which I don't
> understand), but after msgmerging a second time into the newly created
> one, it had only those strings it was supposed to (now that I mention
> it, if anyone knows why that happens, please do chime in).

msgmerge two times did the trick, after I removed the messages that were
commented out at the end of both .po files, maybe that was causing the

Anyway, thanks a lot for that command, it saved me a lot of work!

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