sync with upstream in Launchpad

Oier Mees oier89rider at
Mon Nov 1 10:34:23 GMT 2010

I have a question regarding translation syncronization in Launchpad. In our
translation team (basque) a translator translated simplescan in its main
Launchpad page [0] as it uses launchpad for development and translations.
Besides, there were already some strings translated in the Maverick specific
package [1] of simplescan.
Now the question, how does the sync with upstream work? Because it doesn't
look like there is a sync between them.  Moreover, It is possible to change
the translations for each version of ubuntu and I think that that is a mess.
Isn't it better to allow only the translation of strings which have not been
translated upstream?(in the version specific package)
So for Natty, will the upstream translation (which is completed) be imported
overriding the ones that have been done in Maverick? or what will happen?
Oier Mees

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