libc: translated or not translated?

Ask Hjorth Larsen asklarsen at
Mon Nov 1 00:22:50 GMT 2010


libc is fully translated into Danish on TranslationProject[1] (it has
been mostly translated at all time since before Ubuntu came to exist).
 Launchpad exposes an entirely empty template[2] for translation (note
that I have started a po-file import now, so this may not be the case
when you read this!) - evidently these strings have never actually
been pulled from TranslationProject.  Is this a packaging error?  I
observe that even German has 0% translation.  In fact, there are many
languages that haven't been synched at all (compare [1] and [3]):
Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Japanese, Korean (and so
on).  Can someone make sure this all happens?  Who should/can do this?
 How do we know which templates have been updated?  I think this
should happen without intervention from translators at least at every
point release, since it's impossible for us to ensure that the whole
long list of translatable source packages are synced with their



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